Lunch Menu
Monday - Friday 11:30am to 2:00pm

Fritto Misto
Caribbean Shrimp, Calamari, Baby Zucchini, Fried Leaks

Imported Italian Cured Meats
Prosciutto San Daniele, Bresaola, Artisian Salami, Parmigiano Reggiano
Served on Wooden Cutting Board

Prosciutto Olives & Mozzarella
Imported Prosciutto San Daniele, Marinated Olives, Ciliegine

Homemade Ciabatta Bread, Fresh Chopped Roma Tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, Sweet Basil

Assorted Garden Vegetables, Cannellini Beans, Tubetti Pasta, Organic Olive Oil

Assorted Bean Soup
Mixed Bean Soup, Tubetti Pasta, Organic Olive Oil

Mixed Salad
Baby Watercress, Bibb Lettuce, Shaved Fennel, Champignon Mushrooms, Parmigiano Reggiano,
Imported Red Wine Vinegar, Sicilian Olive Oil

Romaine Hearts, Anchovy Dressing, Focaccia Croutons, Parmigiano Reggiano

Fiori Di Gioia Mozzarella, Cluster Tomatoes, Basil, Arugula, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Organic Olive Oil

Antonello Salad
Bibb Lettuce, Truffelbert Farms Hazelnuts, Gorgonzola, Hardboiled Egg,
Apple, Pancetta, Ligurian Olive Oil, Imported Red Wine Vinegar

Arugula & Artichokes
Arugula, Baby Artichokes, Sicilian Olive Oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, White Balsamic Vinegar

Beets & Burrata
Roasted Beets, Tomatoes, Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Buratta Cheese

Thinly Sliced Steak, Garlic, Sage, Rosemary, Baby Arugula

Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna, Baby Mache, Capers, Small Diced Tomatoes, Ligurian Olive Oil

Poached Salmon
Poached Scottish Salmon, Baby Mixed Lettuce, Fresh Tomatoes, Organic Olive Oil

Grilled 8oz. Free Range Chicken Breast, Roasted Beets, Organic Hazelnuts
Candied Pecans, Feta Cheese, Mixed Beans

Mamma Pina
Homemade Miniature Beef Ravioli, Bolognese, Parmigiano Reggiano

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli
Homemade Ravioli Filled with Ricotta, Spinach, San Marzano Tomatoes

Homemade Ricotta Dumpling, Fontina Val d’Aosta, San Marzano Tomatoes

Homemade Layers of Pasta, Meat Ragu, Béchamel, San Marzano Tomatoes

Rigatoni Musco
Garlic, Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes, Asparagus

Orecchiette Sausage & Swiss Chard
Pugliese Sausage, Swiss Chard, Pecorino Romano

Tagliolini with Roasted Veal & Porcini
Homemade Long Thin Pasta. Roasted Veal, Porcini Mushrooms, White Wine, Fresh Rosemary

Linguine Clams
Organic Olive Oil, Garlic, White Wine, Manilla Clams

Capellini Shrimp
Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Argentina Shrimp

Pappardelle Braised Short Ribs
Long Wide Pasta, Slowly Cooked Shredded Beef Short Ribs, Red Wine, Parmigiano Reggiano

Veal & Prosciutto
Veal Scaloppine, Prosciutto San Danielle, Sage

Free Range Chicken
Half Boneless Free Range Chicken, Fresh Herbs, Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Filet Medallion
Medallions of Beef Tenderloin, Porcini, White Wine, Veal Reduction

Roasted Pork Chop
Roasted Berkshire Pork Rack, Caramelized Onions, Apples, Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Lollipop Lamb Chop
Lollipop Lamb Chop, Shallots, Grappa, Green Peppersorn

Breaded Sole
Filet of Sole Lightly Coated with Breadcrumbs and Italian Seasoning, Fresh Lemon

Swordfish Scallopini
Thinly Sliced Sword Fish, White Wine, Lemon, Capers, European Butter

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Buon Appetito!
From Chefs Gino Buonanoce & Salvatore Ferrara

Passion & Tradition at your Table from my Family to Yours